Thomas McHugh (Kilcloghans) Ltd.


Kilcloghans, Tuam, County Galway



Tom McHugh Fine Gael

Tom McHugh Fine Gael
Tom McHugh

Fine Gael


Telephone: 093 28486 / 26757
Mobile: 086 2574192

Dear Voter,
I am introducing myself to you as a candidate in the forthcoming Galway Co. Co. Local Election. I live at Kilcloghans on the Milltown Road outside Tuam town where I have lived for the past 30 years with my wife, Sally. We have four adult children Deirdre, Liam, Cathal, Siobhan, daughter-in-law Rachel and sons-in-law John and Peter as well as three grand-children - Thomas, Darragh and Eric.

I was elected to Galway Council in June 1999. Since then my priorities have been:

  • Upgrading of existing and the provision of new infrastructure.
  • Care of the elderly and the disabled in providing grant aid towards essential accommodation and repairs.
  • Provision of childcare facilities.

Since being elected to Galway County Council I have been available to my Constituents at all times in relation to their needs and queries.

Tom McHugh Fine Gael

Tom McHugh Fine Gael


I am currently proprietor of the Ard Ri House Hotel in Tuam.

For the past 42 years I have worked in the construction industry.
I started as an apprentice carpenter in 1969 with James Farragher & Co. Tuam.
I am currently managing director of Thomas McHugh (Kilcloghans) Ltd.

I am also proprietor of Tom McHugh Grocer & General Merchants at Kiltevna, Dunmore. This has been a family business since the early 1900's. Since I purchased this property in 1998 I have rebuilt the entire premises on an extended site. This is in keeping with my firm commitment to Rural Development.

Between these enterprises we employ approximately 60 people.
As a businessman, I am keenly aware of the terrible state of the local economy at present and of the difficulties and challenges faced by businesses both in Tuam and up and down the country.

My priorities as a public representative are:

  • Employment
  • Education and Training
  • Health
  • Transport and Infrastructure
  • Agriculture and Energy
  • Childcare & Children


  • Measures to help support the viability of businesses including increased access to credit, a reduction in commercial rates and a decrease in the cost of employment such as employer PRSI
  • Decreases in the cost of doing business and a reduction in bureaucracy in dealing with state agencies.
  • Governmental support to enable small businesses to increase employment.
  • Measures to create new employment across a broad range of industries.
  • Provide opportunities for people to re-enter the work-force so that they may once again have the independence of having their own income and start living a normal life again.


  • Increased access to training programs.
  • Increased focus on retraining in areas related to the knowledge economy and green technologies.

I support Fine Gaelís proposals for health, which I believe will lead to:

  • Creation of a better, more efficient and fairer system for all via the introduction of Universal Health Insurance (Fair Care).
  • A Reduction in waiting lists and greater access to treatment.
  • Development of new primary Care Centers with access to x-ray, ultrasound and endoscopy where GPs and healthcare professionals will treat patients free of charge.


  • Provision of new roads and road improvements including the Gort to Tuam motorway.
  • The re-opening of the Western Rail Corridor.
  • Enhancement of water supply, sewerage and waste water treatment facilities within our towns and villages.


  • Development of strategies which promote markets for agricultural produce especially sheep, dairy and meat products.
  • Promotion of Ireland as a world leader in the development and provision of alternative energy.
  • Review environmental legislation governing use of bogs so that people are entitled to cut and save their own turf.

I am a provider of childcare facilities within housing developments and I support:

  • Grant Aid and Tax Relief for young parents.
  • Greater protection for children in our society.



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